Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Back in February, I told you that our next-door neighbors adopted Mocha from the rescue (with Jack as a goodwill ambassador.) Take a look at this chow-mix today. She's looking more like a shepherd!


  1. I wanted to know what she'd look like because in shiba & akita rescue specifically - people try to lessen the urgency of some dogs' needs by saying "looks like a chow mix to me".

    Chows are rare, y'all. So odds are you really don't know.

    But at least on the shelter level locally, we did have one purebred chow and many mixes who are more shepherdy adults.

    So thanks for posting!

  2. Ooh, I know they wanted a Chow-ish doggy. I hope they are still happy with her.

  3. Yeah, I think the purple tongue qualifies her as chow enough. (Although several other breeds have this tongue too.)