Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ADOPTED: Ciao, Bella!

Within three hours of posting Bella on Petfinder, I received emails from prospective adopters. The first turned out to be a less-than-serious inquiry. The second had a Lab that Bella did not care for when they met. But the third one was the charm. An animal-loving couple from a neighboring town fell in love with Bella. (How could you not?) And to think, she sat in a shelter for three months, and now she's on her to way to her forever home.

This adoption process was another one that made a strong case for home visits. You see, Bella chases squirrels and birds on walks like it's her full-time job. This made us skeptical of how she might be with the couple's three cats. Would she...

A) chase them and drive them crazy?
B) play too rough with them?
C) eat them for dinner?

D) None of the above, it turns out. When we did the home visit, she got nose to nose with one of the kitties. When the cat jumped, she had no interest in chasing it. She just whined a little bit. If anything, she seemed a bit afraid of the cat! But we're confident they can co-exist (or even become BFFs?) in the house together. Here's Bella's future sister, Button, warming up her crate for her arrival tomorrow evening.

Another part of the adoption process is the vet check. For those of you who don't know, the rescue will call the adopter's vet to see if their current animals are up to date with their medical needs. I'm curious to know—does your rescue have specific requirements for vet checks? Or, if you're not involved with a rescue, what requirements seem reasonable to you?


  1. Wow, go Bella! I'd love to know if there were any particular tricks you used to get her noticed so quickly.
    For vet checks we generally make sure that they're up to date on all their shots, spayed/ neutered and ask about how the owner has responded to any medical issues that have arisen and how the general health of the pet has been.


  2. Our rescue asks if they are current on shots and if their other animal are s/n. I always ask what they think of the owners - if they think they can handle another dog.

  3. But I wanted her :(
    Good for Bella. Beautiful dog, definitely.

  4. Yay for Bella! And oy, that was fast.

    The shelter calls the vet to see the status of the current pet's spay/neuter and vaccinations... and I think they ask why past pets are no longer seen (gave away, death). I think its reasonable.

  5. @In Black and White, I got some good outdoor pictures, which was always hard with Karina. Otherwise, she's a cute dog, a good size, and not many limitations (other than not being good with larger dogs.) I guess she did most of the leg work!