Monday, April 25, 2011

A New Marketing Plan

Karina at adoption day
I know very little about marketing, but I can tell you that the typical advertising channels aren't cutting it for Karina.
  • Petfinder: I've updated Petfinder with photos, videos, and endearing descriptions on a religious basis. We've had some inquiries, but nothing has panned out. (It doesn't help that Karina isn't overly photogenic. She is a thousand times cuter in person.) 
  • Adoption Day: These events are held every Saturday at a pet-supply store. People come in  and fall in love with her. But since it's a pet supply store, these people almost always have dogs or cats at home and that won't cut it for Rina. 
  • Signs: I've hung up signs at local businesses and other places of work. I even asked a honky tonk local web site if they would post a virtual flyer of her. They told me it would cost $35. Seriously?
And so, after almost three months, I've decided it's time for a new marketing plan. It needs to involve Karina looking cute in real life, a place that's populated with at least some pet-less people, and it can't cost $35.
  • Step 1: Order cute adoption bandana
  • Step 2: Put said bandana on Karina and bring her to places where people gather.
    • County park on Sundays
    • Outside of ice cream parlor on warm days
    • Little League games on Saturday afternoons
    • Church on Easter morning (Yes, we went there. We were walking through town on Easter morning. What Would Jesus Do?, I asked myself. Jesus would adopt this dog, I decided before sitting down on a bench outside of the cathedral. So we sat there as one mass let out and another one was about to begin.) 
  • Step 3: Talk to people who approach. Why yes, we say. She's very friendly. You can pet her. She loves kids. Karina knows the drill and does her thing—the lab lean, sloppy lab kisses, etc. She wins them over within seconds. Then, we go in for the kill. You know, Karina is up for adoption. She's our foster dog, and she's looking for a good home. The response is invariably the same: Really? This wonderful dog? Then the nice people say they would love to give Karina a good home, but they don't have the time/money/space/[insert other reasons here.] Some proceed to tell you their life stories. Before parting, we pass along Karina's info and ask that they share it with anyone who might be looking for our sweet lab.
  • Step 4: Go home and wonder where Karina's future people might be. Mope, then update Petfinder for the millionth time. 


  1. A plus for creativity! Keep The faith... This will work!!!

  2. Try Farmer's Markets, too

  3. Love your blog! You're doing a great job in advertising. I hope she finds the right home soon!

  4. Wait, wait, Karina, we can work together. I will borrow you for a weekend, take you to the park. You will do your thing and look all cute at the passerby's, and then someone will want you, and in the process you look real cute to a couple cute boys here and there and help me out. K?

  5. I feel your pain, but I had to laugh at your post. The right adopter will come along soon :)

  6. You're doing a fabulous job! The outdoor marketing is great for warm weather and it does work for many dogs. Eventually. In the mean time it can be very frustrating. I hate that stage of fostering where it's like THIS DOG IS NEVER GOING TO BE ADOPTED WHYYYYY. Usually right after you enter that phase the perfect adopter comes along.

    The one thing you might want to look at is how long your description is and how it's written. Short, sweet and upbeat seems to be the best strategy. Sometimes if they change too much/too often, people get confused because they didn't really note the dog's name and bio, just saw a picture they liked and committed it to memory.

    Good luck!

  7. Ya know, every time I hear your name, I think of this song by Jackie Greene, "Call me, Corinna." Spelled different, but sounds the same (well, pretty close, o not a).

  8. Thanks for your ideas, everyone!
    @Anonymous, Thanks! I'll try the Farmer's Market in town once it's up and running.
    @Natalie, Yes, my foster dog is a man-magnet. You may borrow her at any time.
    @Jennie, I have DEFINITELY entered that phase. She is just so good that it's hard to understand. (So what if she's missing some teeth, has 1 white toenail, and isn't so great with other dogs? She has a heart of gold and loves to snuggle. That's all that matters!)

  9. Hi! I found your blog through the Inu Baka blog... Perhaps you should focus on social networking - spread the word (and a few very cute pics) through facebook, and through your fellow bloggers network.