Friday, April 1, 2011

Karina's Name Change

It's something about Karina's name. My co-worker has been hounding me about it. (Get it, hounding?) My mom has been bugging me to no end. It's time. Karina needs a name change. It just doesn't fit.

My colleague even went so far as to ask an expert if Karina is a good name for a dog. The expert unequivocally said, "Karina is a horrible name for a dog." That expert just so happened to be another colleague by the name of Karina.

And maybe they're right. Maybe something about the name is deterring adopters. Is it something about Karina the Ballerina that doesn't work with a BBD? I'm afraid so. It's time to mix things up.

So I tried calling Karina (ahem, not Karina) other names.

Shadow? No response.
Licorice? Not even a blink of the eye.
Raven? No way in hell, she said.
And then...
Toto? That's me, that's me! she seemed to say, as she barreled toward me.

And so, I present our foster dog, Toto.

April Fools! :) You didn't think I was serious, did you? Karina is 100% through and through.

And, with that, please go check Karina out on Pet Blogs United today. She's being featured for Foster Friday!


  1. Oh thank goodness! Karina is a beautiful name.

  2. I find I always want to put a "t" in there to make it Katrina! :)

  3. Oh good, I was not feeling Toto!! :)
    Karina, you look adorable and surely someone will want to snatch you up soon.
    - Natalie

  4. Karina is a horrible name for a dog.

  5. ROFL! You tricked us! The silly part was, we KNEW it was April Fools Day and we STILL fell for it!