Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Orphan Annie

My colleague Amanda just started fostering with a rescue group called Southpaws Express. They pull dogs from shelters in Louisiana and get them adopted in the Northeast. Because Amanda has noticed that shelters in the South are full of scruffy dogs that are otherwise very popular in NYC, she asked to foster a scruffaluffagus. (OK—those weren't her words exactly. But she does love scruffy dogs. She already has one named Henry.)

Southpaws emailed her a list of scruffy dogs so she could decide which scruffer would be best for her. She decided on this adorably cute dog.

The only problem was with the dog's name—Amanda. Could you imagine calling a dog by your own name? So she asked people for suggestions. (Some of my favorites were Louisiana names, like "Stella" from A Streetcar Named Desire.) Then someone piped up, "Hey, she really looks like Sandy from Annie." Well, Amanda has a good friend named Sandy, so that wouldn't do either.

But Annie—Annie would be perfect.

Without further ado, meet Little Orphan Annie. She's had a hard-knock life up until now, but will you be her Daddy Warbucks and adopt her? If you're interested in learning more about Annie, visit her page on Dogster.


  1. Is the first pic Henry and the second Annie?

    Anyway, cuteness! How neat they come all the way from Louisiana!

  2. Nope, they are both Annie! If you go to her Dogster page, there are pictures (and video!) of Annie and Henry together. They look like an old married couple together. :)

  3. I can't believe Amanda got all dolled up in that Annie costume. The woman is in her thirties! Also, I think that dog looks like a Karina.

  4. I agree, Carli. :) I thought of you at adoption day on Saturday. A 10-year-old-ish girl came up to pet Karina and asked her name. She said, "Karina. Hm, Karina is a [long pause] beautiful name." She really had to think about it. :)

  5. How cute!! Kim told me about your blog! (Because my dog just auditioned for a role in Annie!)

    We fostered 2 pitbulls we found and we named them Oliver and Annie!! (The orphans!) They're just good names for foster dogs! LOL =)