Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jack's Outtakes

As we prepare to bid adieu to Jack on Tuesday, I thought we'd take a look back at our time together. (Almost 2 months—can you believe it?) Here are some photos that didn't make it on to the blog or Facebook. They may not be the clearest or brightest, but they surely tell Jack's story from dog of the underworld to pampered pet.

We took Jack to the park on his first day with us. We gave him treats, which he hid on the sides of his mouth, then dug a hole in which to bury them. It took him several weeks to realize that there was no need to hide food for a rainy day. 

It also took him a few weeks to get over his fear of stairs. Now we can't keep him off them!

Jack really got into the Christmas spirit. 

And, a few weeks in, he really nestled a place into our lives. 

Maybe too much nestling. Paws off my fiancé, Jack!

We can only hope that this loving dog who found his way into our lives will bring as much joy to his forever family as he has brought to us.


  1. Its hard to believe Jack is leaving you! It sounds like he has an awesome new home to go to though. We think it is amazing how far he's come. Trixie also went from death row doggie to pampered pet. We wish the same thing would happen for every dog and cat who needs a home!

  2. OK Kim that just made me teary...give Jack goodbye kisses from me! ~ amy

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