Monday, January 17, 2011

Jack Hits the Jack-pot.... Again!

On December 1, Kim told you that I, Jack the Great, won the proverbial doggie lottery when I was rescued from an over-crowded shelter. Believe it or not, a month and a half later, I've hit the jackpot... again! What are the chances of that?

Here's how it happened: I went to visit a super nice family today. We went for a walk with their dog, played at the park, played some more in their backyard, then played even more with toys in their house. They gave me treats and pats and then—I hope you're sitting down—they said they want to adopt me!

They're talking about how they want to take me for runs and on hikes and even on a camping trip this summer. I just can't contain my excitement!

And my future big brother. Wow—I've got big paws to grow into! He's an awesome guy and will be a great role model for me. He's even a certified therapy dog who has worked with children with autism. Take a look. Don't we look handsome together?

I'm going to chill at Kim and Jonathan's place for another week, then I'll go to my new home. I just can't wait! This family is all I could ever ask for.  I am so incredibly thankful they came along (...and so are Kim, Jonathan, and the volunteers from the rescue.)


  1. Yay! Congrats! Is it me, or do these dogs look like they are smiling in this pic?

  2. They are! Maybe it's because they are happy to become brothers. Or maybe it's because we were holding treats over their heads. Or maybe it's both!

  3. Oh, Jack, that is GREAT! You and your new brother look terrific together. And you're going to get to go CAMPING! You are a lucky dog! We know you're gonna miss Kim though, huh.