Sunday, December 12, 2010

On Christmas Trees and Housebreaking

Well, Jack’s fur-ever family did not walk through the doors of Petco on Saturday, but he was a very good boy (aside from the barking at and humping of other dogs.) He greeted people as they entered the store; his giant bear hugs and big brown eyes convinced them to donate money to the organization.  In some cases, his paws literally found themselves right in women’s purses!

Since Jack will be with us for another week or more, I’ve made the executive decision not to put up a Christmas tree this year. You see, we’ve spent this past week trying to train Jack not to do his business in the house. The first few days with us, he lifted his leg on everything in sight. As soon as he did, we took him right outside to the oak tree to show him, “This is where you do your business.” He caught on to that message quickly. He now pees on every tree on every walk every day of the week. Plus, we haven’t had any accidents in the past few days. (Cross your paws.)

So putting up a Christmas tree seems like it might be confusing. It’s just too tempting of a target, and I’ve spent way too much money on Nature’s Miracle already to risk it.

Plus, the only thing I want for Christmas this year doesn’t fit under a Christmas tree—a loving family with a big old house for our little Jack to call home.

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