Wednesday, December 29, 2010

INU - BAKA: Lexi's shell is officially gone!

I have always valued intelligence, which is probably why I'm developing a deep respect for Border Collies. (I'm fairly certain Jack has a higher IQ than some people I've met.)

A fellow blogger is fostering a Border Collie named Lexi. Poor Lexi is recovery from extensive surgery after being hit by a car. Click here to follow Lexi the Border Collie and her recovery.

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  1. Its remarkable really... her intelligence is so evident, it's different than in other types of dogs. Like shibas are advantage smart, my beagle mix is conniving smart, but Lexi is survival smart. Its like the language barrier doesn't exist with her. You do something once, she learns what it means to her.
    Which could have been really hard for her in her past, why she is hand shy.
    But she already learned that my hands only give out liverwurst and pets. So - again, just super survival smart.
    I love it!