Monday, February 20, 2012

Oreo, One Sweet Cookie

I've always wanted to name a dog Oreo. And when this pup with black on outside and white on the inside came along, I thought "Oreo" would be a perfect fit. (Not to mention he had no name—only a number—in the shelter where he came from.)

I'm stumped as to his breed mix. At 25 pounds, he reminds me of a miniature lab. But he has his ears set high like a Jack Russell. Someone else mentioned he looked like a spaniel/pointer mix.

Petfinder still doesn't have a "mutt" option for breed, so tell me... What do you think is in the mix?


  1. definitely terrier ears!

  2. beagle/min pin? Such a little body has me stumped.

    1. i was going to go with beagle/min pin too!

  3. he looks a lot like my dog who looks lab whippet or jack russel dalmationish or patterdale terrier but a little bigger? my dog is 30lbs. this dog looks jack russel lab or boxer lab/whippet or chihuahua?

  4. I know this is an old post, but this dog looks like he could be the sibling for my dog! We believe she is Jack Russell- lab/shepherd mix- I can send you a pic if you'd like! Email me at if you're interested, thanks!

  5. This dog looks a lot like my dog, who we were told is a border collie/lab mix. The white on the chest and paws is supposedly a telling trait from the border collie. I have suspected he may have some jack russell or other sort of terrier in him, though, because his ears sit high on his head just like your pup's and they stick straight up at times.

  6. its pittbull mixed with lab my dog look exactly the same