Monday, January 9, 2012

Scout's Firsts

Scout, our first retired research beagle foster, arrived this weekend. She's a really sweet, well-balanced dog, especially considering her circumstances. She is very friendly with people and other dogs and doesn't seem bothered by things like loud noises, passing bicycles, etc. It's astounding to me that other foster dogs we've had—who had lived with families and in homes—freaked out at things like this, but sweet little Scout doesn't flinch. I'm sure her breed has something to do with it, but it's also an indicator to me that she was socialized during the critical first few months of life.

But still, knowing that she spent her life in a laboratory means that just about everything is a "first" for Scout. It's sad to think that a dog could live a year or two or five without a toy to call its own or without ever feeling a cold January wind blow its ears back. So we're documenting Scout's firsts. Here are just a few so far:
Scout's First Blankie (while recovering from her spay surgery)

Scout's First Toy 
Scout's First Sunday Morning Walk

Scout's First Kiss


  1. ohhh!!! scout's first kiss!

    so, so sweet.

    and where did you get that throw blanket?! i love it!

  2. It's pretty special to be introducing the little lady to so many good things in life. We've got another puppy mill foster coming in a couple of weeks so we'll be dealing with some similar challenges again.

  3. Wow, I've never had a puppy mill dog. I'd imagine they are much worse off. Best of luck to you! Jen, the blanket is from Kohl's.

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