Saturday, September 17, 2011

Purina Giveaway!

The folks at Purina were kind enough to send me some product samples to try out with our foster dogs. I told them I would review them here, and, in exchange, they're going to give free Purina products to 10 lucky readers! 

All you have to do is read this post, publicly follow this blog, and then leave a comment with which of our foster dogs you've enjoyed reading about the most. There are no right or wrong answers; 10 winners will be picked at random. Winners will be selected and announced on Thursday, September 22nd, so please comment before the end of the day on Wednesday.

First, I have to disclose that the box of these items was in the basement when the flood waters of Hurricane Irene started to rise. So the wee-wee pads, well, I couldn't salvage them, but I can vouch that they absorbed water—and lots of it.

But I was able to save the stain and odor eliminator spray. We got good use out of this with Zazu. We usually use the orange Nature's Miracles for accidents in the house. In contrast to the orange zest smell of that spray, the Purina spray has a fresh linen scent. I followed the directions by soaking up the urine, spraying the carpet heavily, and then scrubbing. It seemed to do the trick. I checked back a few days later and did not detect a urine smell. (But after all these foster dogs, we've decided it's time to rip out the carpet and put in a hardwood floor!)

They also sent along this giant pet hair roller. My family has a dry-cleaning business, so I know the value of these things! I had fur on my black pants, and the brush picked it quite easily. I'm not sure I noticed a difference between this and a regular lint brush, but it definitely took up the fur.

Remember—you must publicly follow the blog and leave your comment between now and Wednesday to be entered into the giveaway! Good luck!


  1. I loved reading about Jack, I know he was hard but I think reading about a more difficult foster helps give a total perspective of the fostering experience.

    What a fun giveaway :)

  2. Would love to try the stain remover. Always looking for something that works well.. still training our new dog, and lots of foster dogs are always having accidents in our house! :)

  3. With 4 fosters and 4 family dogs in the house I would LOVE to try the stain remover! :) I just read Honey's story and it was so heart warming!! Success stories like hers make it all worth it!