Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rina's Friends

We've grown accustomed to spending our Saturdays cleaning up pee and poop at a suburban pet-supply store. We have a running joke at adoption day—what is it that most people do on Saturdays anyway? We've met so many great people with the rescue on these Saturdays. But we're not alone. Karina has made some good friends of her own species too!

I realize I sound like I'm anthropomorphizing, but what I'm trying to say is that Karina has made tremendous progress in her interactions with other dogs. When we first took her in back in February, we weren't even sure if she could come to adoption day with all of the other dogs around. But, unlike some dogs who get antsy attending adoption day week after week, Karina has only improved. Don't get me wrong—she'll never be the type of dog you'd want to set loose at a dog park, but she's shown signs of growth. When we take walks, we've practicted having her sit and ignore other dogs. Overtime, we've realized that she's not only good at ignoring, but can actually interact with smaller, non-yappy (i.e. non-threatening) dogs. Larger dogs will still set her off, but who knows what would happen with careful introductions? (She used to play for hours with an 80-lb. pit bull mix at her old foster home!)

And so, here are some of Rina's adoption-day friends:

Oh, Romeo! You are going to break some hearts! This adorable, 4-year-old Cavalier mix has been the subject of much attention over the past few weeks, but has yet to find his forever home. Karina and Romeo are still in their courtship phase—they were sniffing butts last Saturday. (Typical dog behavior, I know, but a very good step for Karina!)

 Meet Bo. He was pulled from a high-kill shelter. He's only a few months old and some sort of daschund mix (maybe?). On Saturday, Karina and Bo had a kissy fest! They were swapping some serious saliva! She'll be sad to know Bo won't be at adoption day this upcoming Saturday—he was adopted!

Magnus is one cute fellow, but he's not Rina's type. The feelings are mutual. Magnus isn't a huge fan of other dogs, so he goes nuts at the sight of Karina, and she reciprocates. (Sometimes it's the other way around.) Like Karina, Magnus has been with the rescue for awhile and is still looking for his people.

Sadly, Little Bo Peep hasn't been at adoption days of late because she is quite sick. It's possible she has distemper, but the rescue is currently running tests to get more information. There is a ChipIn to help pay for her vet care. I've pasted it below if you are interested. Please keep this poor girl in your thoughts until she gets back on her paws. SAD UPDATE FROM THE RESCUE: With an aching heart, I have to share that our little Bo Peep did not win her fight. Run free at the rainbow bridge, little girl. While you were only here a short time, you touched many hearts and were loved

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