Thursday, March 3, 2011

Karina, Karina

To uphold our end of the switcheroo, we took sweet Karina. At this point, it feels like we are the Mets trading our worst minor-league reliever for the entire Yankees starting line up.

Something about her just exudes sweetness. Maybe it's the way she wags her head and her tail in unison. Maybe it's the deep snores she lets out mid nap—like a sweet, old grandpa snoozing in a recliner on a lazy, Sunday afternoon.

Karina's foster mom found her wandering the streets of a nearby town. Emaciated and covered with a skin infection, Karina was also heartworm positive. The rescue treated Karina for heartworm and now, several months later, she's as good as new. (She just needs to go for a follow-up test in a few weeks.)

We're told she's about 2 years old and, as if you couldn't tell from that goofy smile, mostly Lab. She's house broken and knows some simple commands like "sit" and "down." She is fairly good about going into her crate, but even better at hopping up on the couch. We're labeling her as "dog selective" for now. (That's the part of the reason why the switcheroo [am I really still calling it that?] worked out so well. We're the only fosters in the rescue without another dog.) We were told that she gets along with some dogs, but not others. She might be best as an "only dog," but we'll have to gather more information. We hope to bring her to adoption day on Saturday and see how she does. Cross your paws!


  1. I would say not to get too attached to this one.

  2. Karina is beautiful! Our paws are crossed that she finds her forever home soon.

  3. Awww, she's so pretty and she looks so happy! Maybe she doesn't like many other dogs because when she was homeless she had to fight with them for food and stuff???